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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed by difficult thoughts and feelings, Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy (ACT) might be a helpful option for you. Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy (ACT) is a type of psychotherapy that aims to improve mental health and
well-being by helping individuals accept and move past difficult thoughts and emotions.
Rather than trying to eliminate or avoid negative feelings, ACT teaches individuals to
embrace them and develop greater psychological flexibility, allowing them to engage in
behaviors that align with their values and goals.


ACT can be helpful for a wide range of mental health concerns, including:
● Anxiety
● Depression
● Chronic pain
● Eating disorders
● Relationship issues
● Difficulty adjusting to life changes


ACT is often delivered in individual or group therapy sessions, and may include
mindfulness practices, experiential exercises, and goal-setting activities. At Anxiety and
Behavioral Health Psychotherapy, we offer ACT services tailored to your individual
needs and preferences. If you're looking to improve your mental health and well-being,
consider exploring ACT as an option to help you move forward and achieve your goals.
Contact us today to learn more about how ACT can help you.

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